Auto Repair Specialists

Shelby AC Kobra Getting good auto repair service used to be difficult. Not any more. We make everything about it easy for you. Easy to get good work done, easy to get your car in for service, easy to feel good about the whole transaction and drive home with a smile.

At Lee Myles, we will:

  • Write you up promptly
  • Complete the work on time
  • Stay within the estimated cost.
  • Fix it right the first time
  • Fully explain the repairs
  • Treat you with respect and a smile

Car Care & Maintenance

The majority of breakdowns can easily be prevented by following the manufacturer’s required maintenance schedule and having a qualified Technician perform a checkup when the oil is changed in between each scheduled maintenance. It’s a proven fact that well-maintained cars require 47% fewer repairs!

We’ll gladly review your maintenance schedule with you and let you know what’s past due, currently due and, even more important, what’s coming due next time. This allows you to budget the time and money for future services. Scheduled maintenance saves money and protects your investment. It also helps ensure that your car will start at midnight when you need it to.

Trusted Service

Free shuttle, Early bird and after hours key drop off, Clean lounge, discounted Car rental, and towing are just some of the conveniences we provide. We meet quality, business ethics, equipment, and shop standards that very few shops in the country can meet. Please explore our site to learn more about the only place in Colorado that makes sense to bring your Car or Truck for service.

Lee Myles Auto Repair Services List

Our highly trained and certified technicians will diagnose, service, & repair on your Automobile, SUV or Light Truck to the highest standards. Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

Car Care Services

Comfort Control

Engine Performance
& Electrical

Engine Repair
& Exhaust

Suspension & Drivetrain

Vehicle Maintenance

Scheduled Services

  • 3,000 | 33,000 | 63,000 | 6,000 | 36,000
  • 66,000 | 9,000 | 39,000 | 69,000 | 12,000
  • 42,000 | 72,000 | 15,000 | 45,000 | 75,000
  • 18,000 | 48,000 | 78,000 | 21,000 | 51,000
  • 81,000 | 24,000 | 54,000 | 84,000 | 27,000
  • 57,000 | 87,000 | 30,000 | 60,000 | 90,000

We also install a wide variety of after market accessories.

Is your vehicle in need of repair? Schedule an appointment TODAY!